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Mobile devices, automobiles, and is used in medical devices which supply a Antenna development, and in particular to develop and supply a multi-band antenna, and by implementing a high frequency omni-directional radiation pattern in the area of developing Antenna performance.

- Mobile



- Automotive

- Medical Equipment

- IoT

Develop the power supply The power supply of a wide range of products starting with telecommunications equipment, medical, consumer and power electronics, such as electronic circuits that apply to Display products are supplied to customers.

- Display SMPS


- Equipment SMPS

- Customized SMPS

Based on many experiences to mobile devices and industrial product development and production, has been developing and supplying optimized products.

- Development of solutions

- Various authentication support

- Development and production delivery


It is used in mobile devices, and industrial products and related product development and supply the EMI that.



- EMI 


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