Automotive Antenna

The vehicle antenna during development, we developed an antenna for a variety of customer needs through instruments and performance simulations joint efforts from the development stage We present the development time and improvement over the estimated proven through for the position of the antenna.

- TPMS Antenna

- Hi-Pass Antenna

- RKE Antenna 

- GPS Antenna


External Antenna

The external antenna during development of the antenna apparatus and the performance simulations in accordance with the design of terminal
We present the development over time and through the improvement expected from the joint efforts validated the development phase
We developed through an antenna for a variety of customer needs.

- 400MHz Antenna

- 800MHz / 900MHz Antenna

- 2.4GHz Antenna

- 2.4GHz / 5GHz Dual Antenna

- LTE Antenna

Internal Antenna

Built-in antenna is mounted to the antenna that was fitted to the outside of the inner terminal has improved the design and miniaturization of the device according to the interest of the consumers and the diversification of the design of the terminal. Various solutions have will be to develop an antenna for the customer needs a small antenna technology for miniaturization of the embedded antenna and performance improvements increased, the consumer attention to the design of the terminal is significant in many fields, such as mobile communication, satellite broadcasting, GPS It has shown remarkable results. Effort to some extent the size while maintaining the performance of the antenna to develop a small antenna has been developed into a compact built inside a lightweight, compact, and further devices. Learn about the latest issue of mobile antennas, and other special type antenna technology, introduces the growing interest, such as GPS, RFID antennas.

- 400MHz Antenna

- 800MHz / 900MHz Antenna

- 2.4GHz Antenna

- 2.4GHz / 5GHz Dual Antenna

- LTE Antenna

- NFC Antenna


Chip Antenna

Designed to fit a variety of built-in antenna corresponding to the miniaturization of the portable information device to the customer needs to supply the most optimized antenna.
There are currently a variety of tiny Chip Type Antenna Application apply to the production of Antenna GPS, Bluetooth band using design techniques. We have a clear competitive edge in the Antenna design.


- WiFi Antenna

- Bluetooth Antenna

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